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One of the greatest challenges for parents today is time. We want to provide our children with nothing but best, but many of us simply have no time to get our teeth into the research needed to find the best health, education or leisure options available.

Whether you need to know more about the risks of vaccinations for your child, or the types of enrichment courses available during the school holidays, Singapore Parents is here to help you to suss out the good from the bad, and the excellent from the mediocre. Our site provides a wealth of knowledge across a range of topics including tuition centres, enrichment courses, family-friendly establishments, and leisure and bonding activities, so that you’d never find yourself lost at sea.

Let us accompany you through your parenting journey and provide you with the services you need. At Singapore Parents, you’d be able to find everything from expert advice to product reviews, and even online forums where you’d be able to meet other like-minded individuals with whom you’d be able to compare notes and discuss issues close to your heart.

But it’s not all about Baby. Mummies and daddies get some room for themselves here as well! Whether you’re keen to find out more about different parenting styles, or looking to gain a balanced perspective on thorny issues, we hope that our site will be invaluable in helping you to be the parents you want to be, while remaining the very individuals who are helping to shape the future for your children.

Featured Schools
Stamford American International School
With a goal of instilling an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a sense of global awareness, along with building the necessary skills to prepare students for the challenges and changes which lay ahead, Stamford American International School provides a world class academic offering.
Canadian International School
As a premier IB World School in Singapore, CIS delivers an outstanding educational experience that develops a love of learning, 21st century skills, and an international outlook - all essential for success in today’s globalized world. Students, aged 3 to 18, enjoy a world-class educational programme facilitated by highly qualified faculty members in an optimal learning environment.
The Australian International School
The Australian International School is the only school in Singapore offering an Australian curriculum enhanced with the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme & IGCSE, for students aged 2 to 18 years.
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Local Schools or International Schools: Which is better?

When it comes to choosing between local schools and international schools, parents must make a choice that best suits their child’s temperament, interests, strengths and weaknesses, while ensuring that their choice is in line with their child’s future goals. While some parents believe that sending their children to a school that prioritises the qualities that they want—regardless of the child’s abilities and personality—there is a possibility that their children may be unable to adapt to the school or fit in with the rest of their schoolmates, and become discouraged as a result. Local and international schools shine in different ways, in terms of their teaching style, school environment, curriculum and examinations. Ultimately, the best choice of school is dependent on the child and his or her goals for the future.

Teaching styles:

Singaporean students consistently top international ranking tests in maths, science and reading, but critics of the local system believe that the system promotes formulaic thinking where students are encouraged to memorise and follow model answers. However, on the bright side, local...

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Tanglin's IB Diploma Results Amongst Best in the World

Well done to the Class of 2019 for their outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB Diploma) results this year. We are extremely proud of our students' achievements as 100% successfully achieved the full IB Diploma compared to the world average of 77.4%.

This year, the average score was an outstanding 38.1 points out of 45, well above the world average of 29.63.

Further, two students achieved the maximum 45 points, placing them in the top 0.13% of students in the world who achieved this incredible result.

Other achievements include:

• Nine students scored 42 points of more
• Over 60% of the cohort scored an outstanding 38 points or more
• 96% of our students scored 32 points or more
• An impressive seven students achieved the prestigious bilingual Diploma.

Once again, our students' IB Diploma results have surpassed global and Singapore averages with Tanglin Trust School positioning in the top 3 international schools in Singapore over the last three years and amongst the top 10 independent UK IB Diploma schools in 2018.

Craig Considine, CEO of Tanglin Trust School said: "These...

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