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Caught hubby cheating

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Caught hubby cheating

Postby pikachu » Wed May 02, 2018 8:32 pm

I caught my hubby cheating two years ago when an unknown woman whatsapped him and said' what to go for lunch'? He said it was a potential staff-to-be. But further checks I found out she works above my husband's office. He lied through his teeth. Gave him a chance, then few months down the road, he secretly met her at a Hilltop. Pictures were found on the internet with my husband in the picture with her.

Then recently, instincts told me he might have a 2nd phone in his bag. Decided to see his bag and BINGO, found a 2nd phone with some WA msgs unfortunately I could not unlock his password neither would he as he had made nude pictures with her and also her nude pictures and cybersex messages.

Don't you think he has gone overboard? He said he would rather divorce than to give her up.
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