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WARNING: Think Twice before paying Geniebook

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WARNING: Think Twice before paying Geniebook

Post by wieniawska » Wed Jan 12, 2022 3:32 pm

We subscribed to 3 subjects, with the total amount of nearly 4,000 SGD, for 12 months online lessons and worksheets from Geniebook for our son after the salesperson did a great presentation to us without telling us they would not give refund if we feel unsatisfied or unsuitable later.

Now we have used it for 3 months, found it not suitable for our kid, and nearly impossible to get a prorated refund.

We did realise we were paying for 12 months of online services, and the salesman urged us to pay ASAP because they would increase the price soon. Since all our previous experiences of requesting for a prorated refund from tuition centres or online lessons, no matter from Singapore or overseas companies, were successful and nearly immediate, we naturally trusted Geniebook, which is registered in Singapore, would have even better service. We had no idea of how terrible their customer service’s attitude would be, or how hard it would be to even talk to them about the idea of a prorated refund.

We are not saying their product is not good, but for sure it can not be suitable for all kids in the world. Once we tried for nearly 3 months and decided it’s not suitable, we contacted their customer service that we wish to stop the service and get a prorated refund. We were told that it was what we signed up for, so we have to continue with it until the end of the 12th month, with ZERO REFUND.

We were shocked. The product is online tuition for big group + auto generated online worksheets from their database, not something like food, which once opened it’s unreasonable to get a refund if not satisfied with the taste.

- They told us it’s just their business model: we have to continue with what we signed up for NO MATTER HOW UNSATISFIED WE ARE.

- After we talked to them again and again, they suggested extending service for 3 more months with no additional charges. We did not agree, because if our kid doesn’t like to use it already, how can the additional 3 more months help? Besides, we are not trying to take advantage of Geniebook. We only want to use what we paid for effectively.

- We then suggested if they do not want to give a prorated refund, if it is possible to close 2 subjects temporarily, so that we can help our kid to get used to one subject at a time, and then continue with what is not used later. They rejected again, and told us they already went an extra mile so we should just take it.

- We told them if they do not give us a reasonable solution then we would seek help from other organizations.

- Then they suggested that they only give a prorated refund for ONE subject, and we have to continue with 2 subjects no matter how unsatisfied we are. The customer service told us that’s the full stop from their side, and we can only choose to agree, or not to get anything. And the customer service refused to let us talk to his boss, or any higher manager of the company, and told us he represents the company and what he told me is the company's final decision.

- The customer service did mention to me 2 ways of getting prorated refund:
1) relocate (although I really don't understand how relocating is related to online tuition
2) get doctor's proof that our kid is mentally unfit for the online lesson (which made us really angry, because our kid is perfectly fine except he doesn't like Geniebook, and we do not think "not liking Geniebook" is a "mental issue")

We asked the customer service what's the core value of the Geniebook company, he could not answer us with even one word.
We asked him, if there is a solution which has no additional cost to the company but at the same time can help us, and achieve win-win, why not do it. He told us it’s their "business model" and we have to take it.

From what we experienced so far, we feel that:

- Geniebook does not really realise the nature of their business as an education product and service provider. They do not realise the importance of customer trust and company reputation.

- The customer service was not willing to listen to our feedback and make reasonable changes at nearly 0 additional cost at their side. Their service attitude is a "be thankful of whatever I provide you" type of attitude, and their business model is a "no talking to me about prorated refund" type of business model.

So we want to warn all parents:

DO THINK TWICE before paying them for anything.

Their ads on social media are too great and their salespersons are too fantastic. They appear on FP, google ads, even popular. But there is still a certain risk that you may find it not suitable for your children after subscription, and you may fall into the same trap as us.

Here is a link to their refund terms and conditions: https://geniebook.com/policies/refund
Take a look at 4.1: "The Seller may amend this Refund Policy from time to time without giving any prior notice to the Subscriber."

Later we also found many 1 star bad reviews on google map about them. Do google people's review before paying for any online tuitions!

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